Volume 2, Issue 4, April 2022

1. The Age of Exploration

Authors: Brian R. Spisak, Allen E. Grabo & Richard D. Arvey

2. China in a Multipolar World

Authors: Joshua Eisenman, Eric Heginbotham & Susan Turner Haynes

3. The Anti-Tax Movement and the Recession

Authors: Anders RavikJupskås, E Ivarsflaten & Bente Kalsnes

4. Advent of a Unipolar World: NATO and EU Expansion

Authors: Ronald D. Asmus, Richard L. Kugler & Kenneth N. Waltz

5. The Chinese Economy and the Global Inequality Debate

Authors: Yash Bright, Vidhi Parikh & Vedant Obhan

6. The Russians and The Cold War

Authors: Dr. Vikash Kumar, Arvind Dahiya & Mohd Zakariya