Volume 2, Issue 2, Febuary 2022

1. The Evolution of Creativity

Authors: Javier DeFelipe, Charalampos Mainemelis & Greg Richards

2. The Invention of Human Language

Authors: Mrs. Gulshan Sharma, Mrs. Shelke Manisha Suryakant & Mr. Jyotiram D. Randive

3. The Enigma of Evolution

Authors: Mary O'connell Motherway, Xiaohua Liu & HP McLaughlin

4. China in Africa - Is It a New Colonialist?

Authors: Saidu Umar Mohammed, Musa Saleh & Nafiu Mahmood Alhaji

5. Is it Really a Good Idea?

Authors: Vivek Gulati & N.K.THIRUVENI

6. The New View on Gravity

Authors: Andrea Comastri, F Civano & S Marchesi