Volume 1 Issue 1, December 2021

1. Impact of COVID 19 on Economy: Indian Perspective

Authors: Ruby Agarwal

2. The Impact of Digitilization on Business Communication - Contemporary Effect

Authors: Anisha Khandelwal

3.  Stock Market Linkage with Macro Economy: Evidence from India

Authors: Pritish Dutta Majumdar

4. Impact of Macroeconomic News on Sectoral Equity Returns: Evidence

Authors: Rashi Agarwal

5. Spillover Effects of Global Economy: Investigation of an Emerging Financial Market

Authors: Ankita Sharma

6. Indian Democracy, Political Risks and Stock Market Performance

Authors: Harshit Agarwal

7. Exchange Rate Effects On Monetary Policy: Multinational Evidence

Authors: Sunaina Goel & Harshit Agarwal